Hiroshi Horio

Hiroshi Horio

Born in Shiraoi, Hokkaido, Japan in 1965
Graduate from tne Department of Architecture,
Graduate School of Science and Techitecture,
Nihon University in 1990
Nikken Sekkei Tokyo Office in 1990
Atrlier BNK Co., Ltd in 1992
Hiroshi Horio Architects Office in 2007


What we look for.
In the middle of looking for the variety of living,
we may be conscious of our strong ties with nature.
When we walk through the forest in a northern island,
there are various worlds spread out there.
As for being various,it has bright colors,
signs of fresh life,tones in silence,
eternity in changeableness,
and all the things should be tied with various things.
We are looking for such “places of the life” mixed with nature.



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